Friday, October 9, 2009

My Love Enemy

Hello friends…

In this world, there are enemies for everyone for each thing, staring from business to love. Finding them is not easy; but important;

They are one among us. Some are visible… others invisible.

Incidentally I found my Love Enemy (NOTE: I didn’t find my Lover yet L L )

Here it goes how I found him!!!

Yesterday I received an fwd message from college friend as follows,


SUB: What does Ur Name Meaning?

for e.g..Saba

S-- You are very broad-minded.

A-- You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.

B-- You are always cautious when it comes to meeting new people.

A-- You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.

Now Let’s Try Ur's (and they given meaning from A to Z)


I just opened a notepad. Copied meaning of my name starting from B...A…L….A…J….I….è

Then as usual, I copied the things and put it in GMAIL custom message.

But my love enemy GMAIL couldn’t tolerate such a nice. Good…wonderful…. (Etc…) meaning for my name and did like this --à L L L

Be careful, may be GMAIL might be your enemy too!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


அண்ணலும் நோக்கினான்
அவளும் நோக்கினாள்
கூற்றினை அரங்கேற்றும்
போது குறுக்கே
வரும் தோழன்
சந்திர கிரகணம் ...

நட்பினையே நடு
நடுக்க வைக்கும
காதல் தருணங்கள்
சூரிய கிரகணம் ...

இரண்டுமே சில
நிமிடம் தான்
ஆனால், சுனாமியாக
மாறிவிட கூடும்

பூமிக்கு தேவை ?
சந்திரனா !
சூரியனா !!
சுனாமியா !!!

விடை உங்களிடம் !!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

எங்கே என் காதலி?

நித்தமும் கனவில் உலா வரும் - என் நிலா
பகலில் ஓய்வு எடுக்கிறாளோ?
காணவில்லை - பகலில் !!!

பகலில் காண்பதற்காக
ஒரு இரவை துறக்க - என்னால்
இயலவில்லை!!! காத்திருகிறேன்.

காத்திருகிறேன் நேரில் காண
எங்கே அவள் ?
காணவில்லை - ஒரு வேளையும் !!!

ஒரு வேளை அவளுக்கும்
என் நிலைதானோ?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Science and technology multiply around us. To an increasing extent they dictate the languages in which we speak and think. Either we use those languages, or we remain mute - J G Ballard


English is such a language.This post is about, how I & English for past 21 years!



 Yae-Bee-Cee-Dee-Eee-Yaf-G-Gach-Eye-Jay-Kay-...... when you cross the doors of pre-school, you can hear this! Sounds amazing. We start teach English to our brains there itself. Even my brother did the same. I didn't :( My mom said I cried a lot, to go pre-school and "I WON" finally, I skipped pre-school and entered into first standard.


I feel very bad for that now! Because I missed, kisses from my pre-school teachers :( :( 



 Well here comes my primary school English experience, I had good teachers, they taught me Maths and Tamil well. I have to thank my 3rd STD sir, Mr.Seenivasan, who taught my name in English after getting angry by seeing quarterly English paper, where I wrote my name in TAMIL, some slaps here and there before that was bonus.


He gave an assignment to write down my name 100 times in 4line note book. I had no idea. I can write one word exactly 100 times in a day, that wasn't a matter. I don't know spelling.   I asked him; Next one minute I couldn't hear anything! Because he spanked my back!  Then he taught me. That's how I spot my name in English! Well I hope I never forgot!

(Don't blame my 3rd STD sir and say how a small kid knows these things! In 2nd STD itself they taught this. But I forgot L L )



I was in 8th STD that time. For filling a young student scientist form (yes, of course, I am a young student scientist J). I was struggling to write down name of the school "Swami Vivekananda Middle school". Because always I used to write in short in all exams (as S.V.M.S),


The problem was worst like anything that time. I was filling the form in front of the School Correspondent and Head Master in HM's room, where my class teacher also standing near to me. I kept my head down and started filling the form with sounding as "vivekananda" using articles separatelyà

"VIVE-an-and-a " ( vee-----vey----yean----and---a)!!!.

Then what else, I got full day scolding. But the correspondent, who is head of the institution, couldn't hit or scold me!!! Because he is my father and the school is our own! School!! :
J J J J But I knew he felt bad, like anything that day.


My mom started again the old story, that's why I cried to join them in English medium school!

He who is running a Tamil medium school joined his sons in English medium means! No need to tell….what the well-wishers of my father will do!!! I support my father's decision;


So, I realized that I have to develop it. This incident happened at the end of 8th STD. Sooner I forgot it in annual holiday as usual.



 I hope everyone read "The Hindu" paper, which is meant for Standard English paper that time, I mean 10 years ago, (may be now too, but Arthy (junior) felt the  standard is not up to the mark now a days in her blog; So I used like that). I had close times with Hindu paper. Yes, my father's part-time business is Hind Paper Agent. Even though, in my town, Sivagangai, there were no enough readers to run it!  He refused to give up. Because my grand father handled it for nearly 10 years and followed by my father for more than 15 years.


My brother and I were used to go, morning to distribute and evening for collection from shops. Those periods, I used to see, at least 100 papers per day. But my interest was fully on weekend Saturday supplementary, which had "YOUNG WORLD" were I can found lot of color pictures and "SPORTS STAR" to collect the cricket star faces to create albums.


We did nothing other than business from it.



 In both the places, I didn't face any difficulty in reading/writing English lessons. Scored well. These places improved my confidence and positive thinking attitude.



 This is my first school, where there are two mediums in same school. I felt the low importance given by the staff's to Tamil medium. In their point of view, the English medium students scoring and going for Engg or Medicine, but we people were only for Arts and most of them stops their education after 12th.


My work had been neglected and I ranked nearly 15tt in 11th STD over the school. I underestimated my self. Thought I can't well.


Later, I get closed to Oxford Matriculation school students through my friend Jeeva and English Medium students through Srinath (both are my street friends), and  found they are struggling in doing Maths, the subject which I am talented (After all my father and grandfather both are mathematician ).I started teaching maths to them, and saw they couldn't follow my speed. So first I teach to my friend Srikanth, later he taught to others.


Slowly, I found that they are just English medium students who are learning science and maths through English, that's all. Before that I imagined once they started speak, they will speak as HBO, START MOVIES, ENGLISH NEWS people.


Slowly I build the confidence, strengthen my attitude. I know two things well that time. "Whether BE or Medical, have to study in English only. But to get a seat, we need mark only for that medium is not a matter" and "I can score well". Well I did at last dude; I scored 1123 in public exam and which is school first too J

(The reason why English medium students, particularly the one who was expected to score well, failed was because of a girl, yes love, that too one side). So Its like I won Anna post.                                                                                                   


NOTE: Whenever I say, I build my confidence, came to know one thing. Its not like I keep on thinking and working in that completely. Just like that, It all happened.



 I came to college, will all dreams but one by one I forgot slowly. I enjoyed the college times. But I set free , Itake one note, write thing things to do, how to develop the skills!


Its like, after Symposium means things about Technical, Debate club means English, on higher education means planning to prepare for GRE, TOFEL like that. I improved

My knowledge set bit by bit.


Seeing movies, am I developed anything? I didn't find anything till now! But thanks to MRP            


The highlight is college time, is during placement times, conducted so many GD's in class room and hostel rooms! And spoke for a week fully in English and reading again "THE HINDU" newspaper daily à but once placed!!!! That's it, Full stop for all.




 The place where I met other language people in one place. I have no option, right or wrong I have to use.


In colleges, like our lectures who first say some words in English than Tamil, they too did on two, but English and Hindi. I had a chance to speak with top management persons and HR people in mobiles and conference call. Where I found I have a base enough strong. Only thing this, I have to build it correctly.


Here it goes, after training, @Bangalore, again with a note for English and finding words, idioms and phrases daily!!! J and The Hindu paper (esp) J

Monday, July 13, 2009



Some days back, my friend tagged me. I asked her what it means. She said it’s simple, easy; just you have to disclose ten secrets.

Oh ho….there you are! It’s easy for me, to tell 100 stories which happened in my life…but to reveal a secret that too 10….my God….I just said, I need some time…because I don’t want to harm any one on (because I already did it, and still paying for it)... At the same time……I don no what are the things to say……but at the same time, after all it’s my choice…because she doesn’t mention anything like top 10 J (I hope)

Here it goes!!

  1. Otto-phobia :

All of us know friends are damn good to link you with opp. Side. From school days, it self, I am a victim, in school times itself.

She is one of my close friends and I can’t ask classmates to quiet! I donno what to do? Then one day, an idea torched in my little mind. I gave her a card with wordings “Dear Sister”........

That’s it! I esc from “ottuthal” with her…

P.S: I did the same twice in college. The point here is, one is because of “Otto-phobia” and other is just like that. (If my college sisters, to whom I gave card, you can chose any one out of two as you wish J )

This idea is -> Copy right to

  1. Election:

In the recent election, I voted for P.Chidrambaram, who is our Home Minister. You know one thing, I didn’t tell this to my father and mother till now, but before you read it, I will call and tell it J J J

  1. kindergarten:

I haven’t do LKG or UKG before entering into 1st STD. But my brother did! My mother told I used to cry a lot and hit near by child so they didn’t send me.

  1. AIEEE exam :

When I was in 12th, some of my friends said they are going to write AIEEE exam. I asked those what’s it? What’s the use? And got money from my father, and later I came to know! The question paper is bullshit it’s either in English or Hindi only. (I was in Tamil Medium).Then, I spend half of the money, and return remaining to my father J J

  1. STYLE-A:

In college time, I used to try lot of hair style (nothing worked out). But I never tried to impress a Girl. Now, feeling why I did like that? If not so, like my roommates, now I might be busy in call always.

May be? I wouldn’t see such a girl in college. (If anyone is there, and reading this, sorry I missed you J )

  1. Ambition

My childhood dream and present (?) ambition is to become a Scientist. Reason, why it is delayed, in between I was turned by others, towards Medical, Teacher, Engg, IT ….. Now I found my path to destiny. But still I have confusion, whether to walk in that or not!!!

  1. Cried for nothing:

Normally, I never cry for things, go unpredictably. When I missed medical college seat, lover, arrear in 3rd SEM, first posting in Gurgaon (then Bangalore) and etc…Whatever happens, I take it like that and handle it.

But during the placement time, I did after missed CTS (our first company). In which most of my friends are placed. It’s nearly for half an hour. The thing is if I did something wrong in interview, there is some valid point. But the idiot asked me only two questions (last SEM favorite subject? units in that subject?) that’s it, interview over and I am not selected. I went to room, and cried inside my heart (without drops of tears) and came down congratulated my friends and had nice dinner.

Then I continuously I missed next 4 companies, But I never gave up my confidence. My friends were astonished with that. Then I found the one.

Some months back, one of my friends said you are lucky! You haven’t placed in CTS. See us! We were waiting n waiting… but you people going to have 1yr experience. Later I thought, yha he is true. I was shame on me, Am I cried for worth thing?

(Please, the one who are all placed in CTS, ignore me, I didn’t put this here to offend anyone.)

  1. IàMobile:

In the modern world, every one uses mobile. Changing there models with latest one, frequently. But I couldn’t

My first mobile was, Nokia 1100, my father gave me. Second L5, Motorola, my brother gave me. Third LG 1350, I brought it when I was in Gurgaon. Currently, I have Samsung Model again from my brother. Oh! I forgot to tell, why I changed these many, I broken all first 3 J J J so I fear of getting a new model of high cost.

Even the current one, I laid down 2 times, God’s grace nothing happened, till now.


I never smoked a cigar. Once my friend tried to put it in my mouth, indeed he got a kick in his ass. But I used to drink. I know it’s too bad; but I couldn’t

  1. Visting Card:

Some of my colleagues ordered their Visting cards and whenever see anyone started giving it. But I didn’t. Although it’s free, I want to apply after getting my first promotion only. J J J

To write 10 points, I remembered lot of things, happened in my life. I realized what is tagging now!

So I like to pass this to the following people! Enjoy J J hahhahahhaha!

Deepika Mahalaskhmi

Sudha Tamilvanan

Friday, July 3, 2009

Am I Sentimental Idiot?

Its time to accept, I am a sentimental Idiot.

Yes, all of you know, I have a bicycle dream. Good news to you all, at last I brought one, 2 weeks back. Atlas Company, spring model, without gear and costs 3300 bucks. One more thing, I changed the name of the cycle to “HEE-GLADIATOR” (HEE-Healthy---Economical---Eco_friendly), thing left is, have to tag it and paste.

I was in full mood and whenever I call/chat, I used to tell, this as special J news from my side. But most of them questioned, why this small thing taken this much time!

I had no answer that time. But later found a reason that “I am an Idiot”, {{{so could everyone in this world.}}} Someone in Love, someone in Money!!! Myself in sentiment!!! Yes, Because of that it was delayed;

It’s not because of waiting for one fine day to buy a cycle after seeing in calendar, but because of, no free day in my calendar to go to cycle market and buy one. From March on wards, every weekend I was committed with functions/celebrations (both relatives, friends, office) starting from Marriage, Local Festival, Birthday, Get-Together, Election and here and there.

Last few months, I went to Chennai -> 3 times, Sivagangai -> 3 times Mana Madurai -> Once, Trichy -> Once, Madurai -> Once, College -> Twice. (I love to travel, so I never got drained, of course slept in the day travel oftenJ).At last, when I used to get free weekend, I was in need to buy dress/shoes or home appliance sort of things and thought these are foremost than cycle as of now.

Days were kept on rolling, because of my commitments to these things especially. At last one fine day, I brought it.

After this analysis, I had a clear-cut result such commitments delayed my work/dream ((and may be in future too)).But I never want to be out of these; what ever it takes from me, I want to be engaged in that. Because I strongly believe that time spent in these things leaves a Memorable moments in everyone hearts.

On the other hand, if anyone asks what the reason for delay in buying the cycle, I have accept that I am a “Sentimental Idiot”, J

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A poem by a Father...


Just for this morning, I am going to

smile when I see your face and laugh

when I feel like crying.

Just for this morning, I will let you

choose what you want to wear,

and smile and say how perfect it is.

Just for this morning, I am going to step

over the laundry and pick you up and take you to

the park to play.

Just for this morning, I will leave the

dishes in the sink, and let you teach me how to put

that puzzle of yours together.

Just for this afternoon, I will unplug

the telephone and keep the computer off, and sit with

you in the backyard and blow bubbles.

Just for this afternoon, I will not yell

once, not even a tiny grumble when you scream and

whine for the ice cream truck, and I will buy you one

if he comes by.

Just for this afternoon, I won't worry

about what you are going to be when you grow up, or

second guess every decision I have made where you are

concern ed.

Just for this afternoon, I will let you

help me bake cookies, and I won't stand over you

trying to fix them.

Just for this afternoon, I will take us

to McDonald's and buy us both a Happy Meal so you can

have both toys.

Just for this evening, I will hold you in

my arms and tell you a story about how you were

born and how much I love you.

Just for this evening, I will let you

splash in the tub and not get angry.

Just for this evening, I will let you

stay up late while we sit on the porch and count all the stars.

Just for this evening, I will snuggle

beside you for hours, and miss my favourite TV shows.

Just for this evening when I run my

finger through your hair as you pray, I will simply be

grateful that God has given me the greatest gift ever given.

I will think about the mothers and

fathers who are searching for their missing children, the

mothers and fathers who are visiting their children's

graves instead of their bedrooms. The mothers

and fathers who are in hospital rooms

watching their children suffer senselessly and screaming

inside that little body

And when I kiss you goodnight I will hold

you a little tighter, a little longer. It is then,

that I will thank God for you, and ask him for

nothing, except one more day..............


This poem is written by a
Zimbabwean father on his 10months old Baby who affected by brain cancer. Name of the child Rachel (below)
When I searched for a another important message in Gmail in All Mail, I saw this mail dated 1st Apr '09. All they want is forward this mail, AOL will pay for them.

Unfortunately I never read the poem but fortunately I fwd it.

The reason, I put this message here is, I don't know how the child is now? But our 1 min pray from heart to God! surely help the child !!

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's about Resource Utilization

Hi Friends,

This post all about Resource Utilization!

I am not going to tell what is Global Warming? Green House Gases! It affects on Earth. These things we studied from our schools and wrote in exams as well, scored good marks also :)
I am not going to tell whom causing this? @what ratio? Which country leads, in this destruction? What Mr. Obama planned for this? Why no big awareness in India?
I am not going to tell what you have to do? To reduce it? To control it?
I am not going to tell how to change it? What law Mr. Manmohan Singh has to put?

Rather, I am going to simply share what I am doing! From my side, to save the world! to see the earth green!
Why I have to share? It! to show! What I am doing? Nope! I want to know whether I am doing currently is right or not, and also valuable inputs to sharpen that.

Here goes my practice,

After reading the "how to reduce water usage? ",
I started these things,

- While brushing keep the tab closed when ever not in use!
- Use full flush/ half flush as per use.
- Use water Heater only when needed.

But I couldn't do these,
- use Solar Water Heater (since I am in a flat fro Rent, I couldn't change it).
- Use Tissue Paper (Oops! it’s irritating to use)
- Don't use shaver;

Here comes working time @office.

When I was in training, per day I will use 8 to 10 tissue paper. (After breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, face wash, hand wash....)

Later I realized that we are indirectly motivate cutting of trees.( Although These papers are recyclables and as per standard (which is coded by us, for current situation)).I decided to stop using tissue paper in office, and started using Kerchief instead of that. Also, when ever I am thirsty rather using Paper Cups, I started using 300ml water cans. Also, for coffee, coffee glass, with my photo embedded in it 

When ever I use a water cans, I won’t throw it as it is, keeping at home! And using at regular interval for drinking water and dispose it to recycle counter.
Also, the plastic bags mostly I used to avoid, if couldn’t instead of throw it as it is, storing just like water cans and using it. Working on this, to carry a paper bag/carry bag always to avoid it!

Save Power! When I leave my seat, switch off monitor, when leaving the office shutdown the PC, and switch off cubical lights. Changed my homepage from to

Currently, I am using public transport system (BUS) only daily purpose. As I said earlier I am planning to buy one bi-cycle (HEE) which goes Eco_Friendly.

Also, like to plant a garden in balcony!

And learning day by day, how to use the resources around us optimally! If you found any thing feasible to do, tell !!!

->The things may look funny & small, but practice makes man perfect.
->Intention of this post! is just to show what We can do!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bi-Cycle dream

In Bangalore, I am staying just 5 km away from my company. So, I decided to buy a bi-cycle, on Jan mid.
But what happened was, before buying Cycle itself I dreamed daily (day dream) how it will be? What we can do... … … … … … … …

Yes, HEE…name of my bicycle. Stands for Healthy- Economic- Eco-friendly,

I thought once bought it, riding daily nearly 10 km, eat my fats, also can save Rs.10 per day.
Even help to this environment. So, I named my cycle as “HEE”.
The very next day, I discovered this name, whomever I met, even in Google chat, mobile, I spoke about it. Some of them, demoted me, some gave tips too.

Like my Uncle (Periappa, who is working in ISRO), encouraged me as,” Don’t forget to buy helmet along with cycle. The name you said “HEE” is really good, also tag it at front side of cycle. May be after seeing you, there are chances for other too follow, be an initiator”

Hmm :) :) :)…I said yes. Sure!

Parking Area:

I decided to ask securities of my company, the day before; I enter into company in cycle, first time, “Where are the 2-wheelers parking area? Is there any procedure? And bla bla … … … … … details “. And when very next day, I come to company in cycle, I thought there stomach will burn!!! :) :) :) (With Chandramuki dialogue, Enna koduma Saravanan edhu!!!) :) :) :). Adhula, oru sinna santhosam.

Client Office:
But, fate is undesirable. I have been asked to work from client office, which is far way from my home. It takes hardly 1hr to reach in bus, due to morning traffic.
But the client office was very good yaar :) :) :), lunch and evening snacks are free. Only, my economics saved. Health put 4 kegs’.

After, 1 and half month period, I again transferred back to my company from client place.

Budget Problem:
One fine day, I went to Commercial Street to buy it. My god, I can’t digest the rate. The good ones are more than Rs.5000. My budget was at most Rs.3500 only.
What can I do now? I thought to buy it at my own expenses, so I postponed my dream to next month, (i.e.) April.

God, please, allow me to hit the pedals of my cycle daily at least from April. Till, that day, my bi-Cycle dream continues… … … … … … … …

Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I have 3 birthdays per year?

Hello Friends,

It’s time to unveil why I decided to celebrate 3 birthdays per year.

Let’s start with the date I came to this world. 31st July 1987.

I grew very fast and I think I was so brilliant, when I was a child. So my parents decided to send me to school, 1 year before and for certificate sake they have changed my DOB to 31st May 1987.

But till my 10th standard, I celebrated my birthday according to star sign only. (Tamil calendar)

When I was in 11th STD, one of my friends came to my home, on 31st May and said “Happy Birthday Balaji". I was surprised....Hey! Today is not my birthday man.....n said bla...bla...all this story.
He became sad but smiled in front of me and said take it as advance wishes.

I felt nothing on that day.

Years rolled, Similar, incident happened to me when I was in 2nd semester i wished one of my class girls and gave gift. She smiled and said this is registered DOB and bla…bla….like I said.

I felt anger on her that day. But realized what I am doing!

I decided to celebrate 31st May also from next year. When I said this thing to my school friend, I have 2 birthdays da, one according to star sign, another registered.

He simply asked what happened to your real DOB man! (Like Prakash Raj asking to Prithivi Raj in Mozhi movie), I said "unnai thavara veru yarum eppadi ketka mattanga".

OK...Add that too...3 per year...”kasa panama"

Now I have 3 birthdays per year. :) :) :)


*Wishes on all 3 birthdays are welcome. But Treat to same person is strictly prohibited.
*The reason why I wrote this thing today is, yesterday I saw SMS( Siva Manasula Sakthi) Movie, in which Heroine wishes Hero on his birthday, but he laugh at her and say "Today is not birthday.......I lied you in train..........". When I saw this situation, I recalled this incident. That’s why I am here.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mysore trip

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine’s Day

Hello Friends,

Yesterday night, I had a talk with my heart about the Feb14 - Valentine’s Day (Lovers Day) in my dream.

Hey! Idiot heart......ans me!
.........what is lover’s day?
.........who can celebrate lover’s day? their any eligibility needed?
.........Or I have to be in any particular Religion to celebrate it?

Ans is "NO”. No need to be in any religion, no age limit, no restriction, nothing needed other than LOVE.

((Cool......the KEY point is LOVE.)).....That’s Ok! Yaar! But what is love?

I couldn't found an exact answer for this till. (IF you know help me! to get out from this trap question from this idiot!).
See! Up to my knowledge......Love is a feeling, attraction, selfishness, beauty, Life, is a bla bla...........
.....Love is God.

Enough Ok! I know, I heard more than this from my friends, who say I AM IN LOVE!
Answer to this! Who are all in LOVE!

Everyone has Love, some of them, show outside. Some of them hide.
From the moment you born, till now, at different age, you loved so many things!
Your parents,
The bench we sat in college for 4 yrs,
The bus we traveled,
IV's, tours,
And etc....... there is no limit. You know one thing! Your brain has less storage to recall all the things you loved!
You mostly loved everything, you came across.

IS it?
Stupid brain! Always he does like this. Always stores waste things like Ego, anger, selfishness in free space!!
But, when you say, you are in LOVE?

How sweet you are! You remember all such beautiful things in your heart!
But when I say I am in LOVE.......
My friends ask who is you lover?
If I answer like you, I love my parents, friends, my notebook, bench, bla..bla..

You know what they will say? Idiot! Mad! Loose!

Yha! Ha ha!! Your friends are correct!
You can say,
I love Deepika Padukone,
I love Priyanka Chopra......................

But, that won't make any sense.

Me: Why? What’s the reason? Is it should be both sides?????????????

Heart: NO!

Me: Then what!

Heart:” One side is enough, but that has to be complete."

Me: Complete? When it ll be complete? What I have to do for it?

Heart: Your, LOVE will be complete, at the moment, the one, you are loving starts love back you.

Me: Are you mad? What are you talking about? Then it becomes double sided na!

Yes, of course, but your LOVE fulfilled, completed, the moment it changes to both side.
That completeness is called LOVE.

Me:Ok! Ans this final question! My stupid heart? I am in LOVE or not?

Heart: No, you aren't.

Me: not? Why?

The moment you had a doubt am I in LOVE or not...
You are out of Heaven. No longer in it. Journey begins towards Hell. Then Game over.

Me: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Dream over!

Now I have a clear Idea.....

""""""""""""Whom or what you do love never matters. But it has to be complete!""""""""""""""""""""""""

You know one thing; I got the answer for my final question now.

I am in LOVE now!
((To whom or what is suspense!!))
One it reaches its completeness, I will tell you.

Let’s celebrate the Lovers Day!


Monday, February 9, 2009

My First Success! turns into failure!

Hello Friends,

I recalled my memories some years ago, to note down things like “first cinema I saw in theater, tour, bike ridding and sweeter things”, which includes my first (humble) success too.

Exactly, 5 months back, I came to know that my first success turned into a failure unfortunately.

Yes true.

I believed it was my success for nearly 10 years.

It happened when I was 5th standard. I joined Hindi classes. I hated those classes, because class timings were from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. When reach home, its nearly 6:30.Bull shit! I lost my jolly times. But no one cares about it. Months went, First exam "PRATHMIC" came, I simply answered to all the questions they asked as like as below!

What is your name?
..........My name is BALAJI.
Who is our National father?
.......Our National Father is Mahatma Gandhi.

Just like that. Nothing more than that.

The results came! Surprisingly, I passed. You know how much I got?
35 out of 100. Border level. I felt happy!

But all happiness gone very next day. Again they called me for Hindi class. I wondered, I thought I completed.
Then only I came to know there are 8 levels totally. Oh ho......I cried alone, when I reached home.. Nothing more, I couldn't do.

Mathiyama started: This time. Not even I attended the classes. Always playing with my friends in street.
Again exam came, same policy I followed.

I got 42, (I think).But failed. This time for 200. & 70 are the pass mark. This happened when I was in 6th std, I never failed in any subjects in any class before that you know!!!!

I felt ashamed of it. Anger ruled me, nearly 2 days I didn't eat. I fought with my brother who got passed.

Like in varanam Ayuriram, my father called me and said "clear your failure”. It’s your duty.

I tried again with anger on Hindi. Finally cleared the paper. This time I got 70 out of 200... (Oh...ho again border level).But I succeeded. I felt like anything that day.

But after that, I said GOOD BYE to my Hindi classes to avoid another incident like it and start playing Cricket with my friends happily.

Some of my friends, knew, I spoke about it in free times, and I proud about me each and every time.

But after college, when my company called me for training in Gurgaon (near to Delhi), I suck.
What man! I donno Hindi! which is our NATIONAL LANGUAGE.I can't even blame my parents for this.

Ok! Enough is enough! Let’s face! What ever happens! And take it as a sweet memory!

I went to Gurgaon and felt “”””how important Hindi is?”””

When my friends in PG (paying Guest), had a debate why most of the south Indians donno Hindi? Everyone (except me) blamed politicians (I hope u know whom he is?), our educational system? Like that for nearly 2 hours...I kept quiet. That day night, I went to my room after the discussion and taken my diary out and just changed "MY FIRST SUCCEESS “into "FAILURE".

Still my FIRST SUCCESS column in my diary is empty!
(NOTE: to be filled very soon, There are many incidents! but due to my poor memory dunno which happened first! :) :) :) :))

Wish List~!