Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bi-Cycle dream

In Bangalore, I am staying just 5 km away from my company. So, I decided to buy a bi-cycle, on Jan mid.
But what happened was, before buying Cycle itself I dreamed daily (day dream) how it will be? What we can do... … … … … … … …

Yes, HEE…name of my bicycle. Stands for Healthy- Economic- Eco-friendly,

I thought once bought it, riding daily nearly 10 km, eat my fats, also can save Rs.10 per day.
Even help to this environment. So, I named my cycle as “HEE”.
The very next day, I discovered this name, whomever I met, even in Google chat, mobile, I spoke about it. Some of them, demoted me, some gave tips too.

Like my Uncle (Periappa, who is working in ISRO), encouraged me as,” Don’t forget to buy helmet along with cycle. The name you said “HEE” is really good, also tag it at front side of cycle. May be after seeing you, there are chances for other too follow, be an initiator”

Hmm :) :) :)…I said yes. Sure!

Parking Area:

I decided to ask securities of my company, the day before; I enter into company in cycle, first time, “Where are the 2-wheelers parking area? Is there any procedure? And bla bla … … … … … details “. And when very next day, I come to company in cycle, I thought there stomach will burn!!! :) :) :) (With Chandramuki dialogue, Enna koduma Saravanan edhu!!!) :) :) :). Adhula, oru sinna santhosam.

Client Office:
But, fate is undesirable. I have been asked to work from client office, which is far way from my home. It takes hardly 1hr to reach in bus, due to morning traffic.
But the client office was very good yaar :) :) :), lunch and evening snacks are free. Only, my economics saved. Health put 4 kegs’.

After, 1 and half month period, I again transferred back to my company from client place.

Budget Problem:
One fine day, I went to Commercial Street to buy it. My god, I can’t digest the rate. The good ones are more than Rs.5000. My budget was at most Rs.3500 only.
What can I do now? I thought to buy it at my own expenses, so I postponed my dream to next month, (i.e.) April.

God, please, allow me to hit the pedals of my cycle daily at least from April. Till, that day, my bi-Cycle dream continues… … … … … … … …

Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I have 3 birthdays per year?

Hello Friends,

It’s time to unveil why I decided to celebrate 3 birthdays per year.

Let’s start with the date I came to this world. 31st July 1987.

I grew very fast and I think I was so brilliant, when I was a child. So my parents decided to send me to school, 1 year before and for certificate sake they have changed my DOB to 31st May 1987.

But till my 10th standard, I celebrated my birthday according to star sign only. (Tamil calendar)

When I was in 11th STD, one of my friends came to my home, on 31st May and said “Happy Birthday Balaji". I was surprised....Hey! Today is not my birthday man.....n said bla...bla...all this story.
He became sad but smiled in front of me and said take it as advance wishes.

I felt nothing on that day.

Years rolled, Similar, incident happened to me when I was in 2nd semester i wished one of my class girls and gave gift. She smiled and said this is registered DOB and bla…bla….like I said.

I felt anger on her that day. But realized what I am doing!

I decided to celebrate 31st May also from next year. When I said this thing to my school friend, I have 2 birthdays da, one according to star sign, another registered.

He simply asked what happened to your real DOB man! (Like Prakash Raj asking to Prithivi Raj in Mozhi movie), I said "unnai thavara veru yarum eppadi ketka mattanga".

OK...Add that too...3 per year...”kasa panama"

Now I have 3 birthdays per year. :) :) :)


*Wishes on all 3 birthdays are welcome. But Treat to same person is strictly prohibited.
*The reason why I wrote this thing today is, yesterday I saw SMS( Siva Manasula Sakthi) Movie, in which Heroine wishes Hero on his birthday, but he laugh at her and say "Today is not birthday.......I lied you in train..........". When I saw this situation, I recalled this incident. That’s why I am here.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mysore trip

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