Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I have 3 birthdays per year?

Hello Friends,

It’s time to unveil why I decided to celebrate 3 birthdays per year.

Let’s start with the date I came to this world. 31st July 1987.

I grew very fast and I think I was so brilliant, when I was a child. So my parents decided to send me to school, 1 year before and for certificate sake they have changed my DOB to 31st May 1987.

But till my 10th standard, I celebrated my birthday according to star sign only. (Tamil calendar)

When I was in 11th STD, one of my friends came to my home, on 31st May and said “Happy Birthday Balaji". I was surprised....Hey! Today is not my birthday man.....n said bla...bla...all this story.
He became sad but smiled in front of me and said take it as advance wishes.

I felt nothing on that day.

Years rolled, Similar, incident happened to me when I was in 2nd semester i wished one of my class girls and gave gift. She smiled and said this is registered DOB and bla…bla….like I said.

I felt anger on her that day. But realized what I am doing!

I decided to celebrate 31st May also from next year. When I said this thing to my school friend, I have 2 birthdays da, one according to star sign, another registered.

He simply asked what happened to your real DOB man! (Like Prakash Raj asking to Prithivi Raj in Mozhi movie), I said "unnai thavara veru yarum eppadi ketka mattanga".

OK...Add that too...3 per year...”kasa panama"

Now I have 3 birthdays per year. :) :) :)


*Wishes on all 3 birthdays are welcome. But Treat to same person is strictly prohibited.
*The reason why I wrote this thing today is, yesterday I saw SMS( Siva Manasula Sakthi) Movie, in which Heroine wishes Hero on his birthday, but he laugh at her and say "Today is not birthday.......I lied you in train..........". When I saw this situation, I recalled this incident. That’s why I am here.


Priyanka Agrawalla said...

Hahaha... nice post!

My advance wishes for all the 3 dates... :P

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