Friday, July 3, 2009

Am I Sentimental Idiot?

Its time to accept, I am a sentimental Idiot.

Yes, all of you know, I have a bicycle dream. Good news to you all, at last I brought one, 2 weeks back. Atlas Company, spring model, without gear and costs 3300 bucks. One more thing, I changed the name of the cycle to “HEE-GLADIATOR” (HEE-Healthy---Economical---Eco_friendly), thing left is, have to tag it and paste.

I was in full mood and whenever I call/chat, I used to tell, this as special J news from my side. But most of them questioned, why this small thing taken this much time!

I had no answer that time. But later found a reason that “I am an Idiot”, {{{so could everyone in this world.}}} Someone in Love, someone in Money!!! Myself in sentiment!!! Yes, Because of that it was delayed;

It’s not because of waiting for one fine day to buy a cycle after seeing in calendar, but because of, no free day in my calendar to go to cycle market and buy one. From March on wards, every weekend I was committed with functions/celebrations (both relatives, friends, office) starting from Marriage, Local Festival, Birthday, Get-Together, Election and here and there.

Last few months, I went to Chennai -> 3 times, Sivagangai -> 3 times Mana Madurai -> Once, Trichy -> Once, Madurai -> Once, College -> Twice. (I love to travel, so I never got drained, of course slept in the day travel oftenJ).At last, when I used to get free weekend, I was in need to buy dress/shoes or home appliance sort of things and thought these are foremost than cycle as of now.

Days were kept on rolling, because of my commitments to these things especially. At last one fine day, I brought it.

After this analysis, I had a clear-cut result such commitments delayed my work/dream ((and may be in future too)).But I never want to be out of these; what ever it takes from me, I want to be engaged in that. Because I strongly believe that time spent in these things leaves a Memorable moments in everyone hearts.

On the other hand, if anyone asks what the reason for delay in buying the cycle, I have accept that I am a “Sentimental Idiot”, J


r said...

But Balaji in your commitments mentioned you missed out the weekends that you has slept for the entire day, till 5 or 6 pm.If you have been utilized those days properly, you would have fulfilled your Bicycle Dream in the starting itself.
I strongly disagree that you are a sentimental Idiot.

balajihands said...


you are correct! Manoj

But what to do? those times I was in deep sleep, dreaming a lot abt love-future-etc.,

Wish List~!