Monday, February 9, 2009

My First Success! turns into failure!

Hello Friends,

I recalled my memories some years ago, to note down things like “first cinema I saw in theater, tour, bike ridding and sweeter things”, which includes my first (humble) success too.

Exactly, 5 months back, I came to know that my first success turned into a failure unfortunately.

Yes true.

I believed it was my success for nearly 10 years.

It happened when I was 5th standard. I joined Hindi classes. I hated those classes, because class timings were from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. When reach home, its nearly 6:30.Bull shit! I lost my jolly times. But no one cares about it. Months went, First exam "PRATHMIC" came, I simply answered to all the questions they asked as like as below!

What is your name?
..........My name is BALAJI.
Who is our National father?
.......Our National Father is Mahatma Gandhi.

Just like that. Nothing more than that.

The results came! Surprisingly, I passed. You know how much I got?
35 out of 100. Border level. I felt happy!

But all happiness gone very next day. Again they called me for Hindi class. I wondered, I thought I completed.
Then only I came to know there are 8 levels totally. Oh ho......I cried alone, when I reached home.. Nothing more, I couldn't do.

Mathiyama started: This time. Not even I attended the classes. Always playing with my friends in street.
Again exam came, same policy I followed.

I got 42, (I think).But failed. This time for 200. & 70 are the pass mark. This happened when I was in 6th std, I never failed in any subjects in any class before that you know!!!!

I felt ashamed of it. Anger ruled me, nearly 2 days I didn't eat. I fought with my brother who got passed.

Like in varanam Ayuriram, my father called me and said "clear your failure”. It’s your duty.

I tried again with anger on Hindi. Finally cleared the paper. This time I got 70 out of 200... (Oh...ho again border level).But I succeeded. I felt like anything that day.

But after that, I said GOOD BYE to my Hindi classes to avoid another incident like it and start playing Cricket with my friends happily.

Some of my friends, knew, I spoke about it in free times, and I proud about me each and every time.

But after college, when my company called me for training in Gurgaon (near to Delhi), I suck.
What man! I donno Hindi! which is our NATIONAL LANGUAGE.I can't even blame my parents for this.

Ok! Enough is enough! Let’s face! What ever happens! And take it as a sweet memory!

I went to Gurgaon and felt “”””how important Hindi is?”””

When my friends in PG (paying Guest), had a debate why most of the south Indians donno Hindi? Everyone (except me) blamed politicians (I hope u know whom he is?), our educational system? Like that for nearly 2 hours...I kept quiet. That day night, I went to my room after the discussion and taken my diary out and just changed "MY FIRST SUCCEESS “into "FAILURE".

Still my FIRST SUCCESS column in my diary is empty!
(NOTE: to be filled very soon, There are many incidents! but due to my poor memory dunno which happened first! :) :) :) :))


Priyanka Agrawalla said...

no probs Balaji.. U have still time to learn...

have a nice learning!!

harik said...

well! This is not exactly ur failure. U don't know hindi and still managed to survive there. I think you should not be looking the failure. U need to search for the success in failure. Then only, u can change the failure into success and not the other way as u have done in ur dairy. i cud understand that u could not do many things which u wanted to do, but due to lang problem, u are unable to. But there are always friends to help you....!!!!! have a great and success future.

balajihands said...

Thanks Priyanka.
yha..I have time still.
YOu know one thing, my teammates are north Indians......

Having nice time with them ??? :) :) :)

balajihands said...

Thanks Nandipati Naga Venkata Hari Krishna.
To others, he was one among the discussion in PG.

casswu said...

hats off da dabba..u have come a long way...good presentation of the topic...u have the thoughts n u can still improve the way u put it

casswu said...

good presentation da..u hv the thoughts n u can still improve the way u write it..

deepika said...

hey good one and u know what i cleared my "praveshika" only in the second attempt it was in the 6th std and u know what seriously the spoken hindi is completely uncorrelated to these exams anyways hope u can fill ur diary column pretty soon..
good one again :)

balajihands said...

Thanks! ur words giving some extra energy; Hope I ll re-write it soon.

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