Monday, May 25, 2009

It's about Resource Utilization

Hi Friends,

This post all about Resource Utilization!

I am not going to tell what is Global Warming? Green House Gases! It affects on Earth. These things we studied from our schools and wrote in exams as well, scored good marks also :)
I am not going to tell whom causing this? @what ratio? Which country leads, in this destruction? What Mr. Obama planned for this? Why no big awareness in India?
I am not going to tell what you have to do? To reduce it? To control it?
I am not going to tell how to change it? What law Mr. Manmohan Singh has to put?

Rather, I am going to simply share what I am doing! From my side, to save the world! to see the earth green!
Why I have to share? It! to show! What I am doing? Nope! I want to know whether I am doing currently is right or not, and also valuable inputs to sharpen that.

Here goes my practice,

After reading the "how to reduce water usage? ",
I started these things,

- While brushing keep the tab closed when ever not in use!
- Use full flush/ half flush as per use.
- Use water Heater only when needed.

But I couldn't do these,
- use Solar Water Heater (since I am in a flat fro Rent, I couldn't change it).
- Use Tissue Paper (Oops! it’s irritating to use)
- Don't use shaver;

Here comes working time @office.

When I was in training, per day I will use 8 to 10 tissue paper. (After breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, face wash, hand wash....)

Later I realized that we are indirectly motivate cutting of trees.( Although These papers are recyclables and as per standard (which is coded by us, for current situation)).I decided to stop using tissue paper in office, and started using Kerchief instead of that. Also, when ever I am thirsty rather using Paper Cups, I started using 300ml water cans. Also, for coffee, coffee glass, with my photo embedded in it 

When ever I use a water cans, I won’t throw it as it is, keeping at home! And using at regular interval for drinking water and dispose it to recycle counter.
Also, the plastic bags mostly I used to avoid, if couldn’t instead of throw it as it is, storing just like water cans and using it. Working on this, to carry a paper bag/carry bag always to avoid it!

Save Power! When I leave my seat, switch off monitor, when leaving the office shutdown the PC, and switch off cubical lights. Changed my homepage from to

Currently, I am using public transport system (BUS) only daily purpose. As I said earlier I am planning to buy one bi-cycle (HEE) which goes Eco_Friendly.

Also, like to plant a garden in balcony!

And learning day by day, how to use the resources around us optimally! If you found any thing feasible to do, tell !!!

->The things may look funny & small, but practice makes man perfect.
->Intention of this post! is just to show what We can do!

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