Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whom To Blame?

Whom to Blame?

Few days back, I met some of my school friends and we were remembering our school days. One of them said you studied well, and now working in Banglaore in a good job (?), see us, we aren’t … now running here and there, for work and life.

I felt different when I heard those words from him, because he is not a dull/average student, he was one who used to get first rank in our primary school, and I used to at 4th or 5th after him. Then after some years, we studied together in high and higher secondary school, I managed to place myself now to get 2nd or 3rd rank, and he was in his double digit rank. And now settled with business of small kind.

He is just one example, He somehow managed to withstand.

There are so many, I have witnessed in my life.

Looking back, even you might have experienced same kind!!! O even worse!!! Isn’t it? And might have debated `what changed them? Whom to blame for it`

This is just a one another story, I have witnessed.

Yes, I know there are millions of people around the world fighting for their basic needs and education.

Whom to blame for it? - We used to blame depends on our level, the one appears on News Channels blames education system…Opposition party blames Ruling Government....Educated people blames our society…Middle class people have hell lot of things to point out.

It just depends, on what level you are? And till what level you know? And more over, who is your audience!

If you ask an expert for solution, he will elaborate his plan that say, it could change entire world within next 20/30/?? Years…

Well, we can simply sit and watch it out…


Take the blame and help out?

P.S: How to help!!!

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Rakesh Hosmane said...

Very true... Even i have encountered such situations n have usually ended up having a confused emotion.. I dono whether to feel guilty or sad or wat not..

manika said...

i m a 14 yr old gal! i feel like the same can happen wid my frnd when i will meet her coz she just scram everything from books .dis time it was board exam n she scored 58 out of 80 .erarlier she used to score 75 out of u agree?

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